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Why should I choose PWC Manufactured Home Makeover to refurbish my manufactured home? Why can't I just hire some workers and "do it myself"?

Of course you could do that and many home owners do! But the horror stories abound  for the inexperienced! A renovation may seem simple on the surface and during the "dream phase" - but there are literally hundreds of details to worry about once the job begins.  Here is just a sample of the things you would normally have to worry about:

Hiring of multiple individual contractors to perform the various tasks

Removing and storing your possessions - Where?  How?

Scheduling and coordination of all those contractors, their staff and their vehicles

Receiving and organizing supplies, materials, equipment and tools in the correct order and at the correct time

Quality control - is everything being done safely and correctly?

Liability - am I liable for worker injury?  Damage to my property? Who pays for mistakes?

Clean up and removal of waste - how do I legally dispose of hazardous material?

Security/Supervision - Can I trust all these people? Do I have to be on site 10 hours/day? How do I guard against theft?

Costs and cost overruns - Am I being ripped off?


Most home owners don't realize the level of complexity in even a relatively simple renovation.  It takes a tremendous amount of experience to pull it off on time and on budget.  We are construction experts.  We have  installed literally millions of feet of framing, drywall and flooring.  You can count on us to do it right!

How long does a typical renovation take?


That of course depends on the scope of work performed, but generally speaking we try to complete every project in 14 days or less.  Of course there are many factors that can add time to a project and it is wise to plan for a three week turnaround just to be on the safe side.


Do I have to remove my furniture and other contents from my home for the renovation?

If the scope of work is minor or if the project is restricted to a portion of your house or to the exterior, we can usually work around your possessions without the need to remove anything.  However, if the renovation includes all of the interior walls, floors, etc., then it will be necessary to remove all the contents of your home.  We provide an excellent solution to make this seemingly difficult problem very simple.  We will deliver a "pod" (locked metal container) that all your stuff can be carefully stored in.  Then you put on your own lock and we ship the "pod" to a secure, fully insured facility.  Once the project is complete, the container is returned with all your possessions. This service costs $650 for a 16' container.  If you need a bigger container (or smaller) the cost will be adjusted appropriately.


Can I still live in my home while the renovation is taking place?

Similar to the question above - it all depends on the scope of work.  For a full renovation, we recommend that you steer clear for the duration of the project.  There are environmental hazards during demolition and construction that you should avoid.  Dust, mold, chemical vapor, sharp objects, tripping hazards, dangerous cutting tools, etc., are all part and parcel to home renovation.  Our employees are equipped and trained to deal with these hazards and we encourage home owners to stay off site except for occasional escorted inspections when necessary.


What happens if a worker gets hurt on my property during the renovation?  Will my insurance be affected?  Am I liable?

Peninsula Wall and Ceiling Ltd., the parent company of Manufactured Home Makeover is bonded, fully insured and in excellent standing with WCB (Workers Compensation Board).  During your renovation and any time our workers are in your home, our insurance and WCB coverage covers our workers against accidents that might occur as a consequence of performing their duties.


Do you guarantee your workmanship? What about materials, appliances, hardware, etc.?

Yes we offer a full year warranty for any defects in materials and workmanship.  We will repair the defect, usually for free, as soon as possible. As for appliances and hardware, we rely on the manufacturer's warranty which is usually 1 year or more.  Most manufacturers offer an extended warranty for a fee, but that will be up to you to purchase or not.  But rest assured, you are covered for at least 1 year for everything.


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Since 2004, Peninsula Wall and Ceiling Ltd. has been a leader in new commercial construction and renovation.  We have completed more than 100 projects such as River Rock Casino and the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Coquitlam.   We are fast, efficient and conscientious.  We show up on time, every time. Our tradesmen are skilled and meticulously dedicated to quality. We are  licensed, bonded and fully insured.

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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Drywall Contractors in Surrey BC